Architectural Glass

Joined with our own architectural aluminum products, in house capability of laminating, heat-treating and fabrication technology, the design professional can depend on the only true single source supplier for in the industry.


Heat Treated Glass (1 of 1)
Heat treating is a process that imparts additional strength to flat glass products. Heating and cooling cycles are carefully controlled to produce Heat Strengthened or Fully Tempered glass.
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laminated glass
Laminated Glass
Trulite's laminated glass is produced in-house at one of our eight manufacturing plants. The process encompasses two or more pieces of glass that are permanently bonded together with a polyvinyl butyral interlayer (PVB) by the introduction of heat and pressure in an autoclave.
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Architectural Glass
Insulating GlassVitrage isolant
Trulite has the ability and technology to provide high performance, certified, insulating glass units. Our Guardian and PPG supplier certified plants allow us to offer a limitless array of high performance insulating units with the latest technology.
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The term spandrel, borrowed from Medieval architecture, meaning the rough triangular area between arched openings. The area was the natural outcome of the design and though unintended became a pallet for artistic detail.
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silkscreened ceramic frit
Silkscreened Ceramic Frit
Silk-screening is the process of spraying ceramic frit paint through a pre-designed screen to achieve a desired pattern.
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Bird Friendly Glass (1 of 1)
Bird Friendly Glass
Scientists estimate as many as 600 million birds die in window collisions in the U.S. and Canada every year. The growing awareness of the threats to bird populations has prompted new laws and voluntary guidelines in cities throughout the US and Canada.
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Turtle Glass
When Sea Turtles hatch, they go towards the ocean, guided by the light of the moon.If there is too much artificial light back on the beach, newly hatched turtles can be confused and go the wrong way. To protect these hatchlings, the visible light transmission of a glass product used to comply with a Turtle Ordinance must be .45 or less.
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Mirror (1 of 1)
ScarGard is a unique product exclusively manufactured by Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions. There is simply no better mirror product available in today’s market!
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Distribution (2 of 4)
Distribution Products
Trulite Glass & Aluminum offers the most complete offering of distribution products available. Stock sheets and cases are available for float glass, mirror, standard and custom shower doors, shower enclosure hardware, aluminum standard and custom doors as well as stock lengths.
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