Specialty Glass Product

Trulite has the ability to create decorative glass solutions by combining different glass types and processes to achieve the visual appearance desired.


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Fire Rated Glass
Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions, through a partnership with Technical Glass Products, can help design and provide a full line of products for your Fire Protective and Resistive needs.
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Bullet Resistant Glass
As an industry leader in glass and lamination fabrication Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions can supply a full range of products to meet your glass fabrication project needs. With an extensive line of all glass and glass clad polycarbonate bullet resistant make-ups we look forward to quoting your next project requiring UL approved products.
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Pattern Glass
Traditionally pattern glass products have been used to obscure vision areas requiring privacy but allowing virtually the same light transmission as clear glass. The level of obscurity depends on the pattern which has been imprinted into the glass as it is made.
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Yankee Stadium
Decorative Laminated Glass
Decorative laminated glass by Trulite, Sumiglass, is manufactured by encapsulating a variety of materials between two or more layers of adhesive and two or more panes of glass. Using a proprietary technology and dedicated equipment insures a permanent bond.
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Digital printing
Digital Ceramic Printing
Trulite uses Dip-Tech digital ceramic printing, the most advanced and versatile glass printing machines; ideal for both external and internal architectural and transportation glass print applications. Fully compatible with Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic inks and unique image processing software, these high-tech printers go far beyond the capabilities of traditional screen and UV glass printing.
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Cabinet Doors
Glass cabinet door inserts are an ideal compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving. They help to open a kitchen up visually and showcase striking dishware and decorative item while keeping out dust and debris.
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Decorative V-Grooving (1 of 1)
Decorative V-Grooving
Any pattern can be designed by engraving a groove in the surface of the glass. Different profiles and groove widths are available and can be duplicated time after time by our state of the art CNC grooving equipment.
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