Hurricane Resistant Systems

Resistor Impact 3300 Series

Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions' 3300 Resistor Hurricane Impact Storefront is engineered, designed and tested in accordance with the demanding Standards of Miami-Dade County (NOA) and the Florida Building Code (FBC). The 1-3/4" x 4-1/2" system features screw spline assembly and is designed to permit sections to be pre-assembled and glazed to greatly reduce field labor. The 3300 system is glazed with 1-5/16" laminated, insulated glazing infill. The front set glazed 3300 systems can use 9/16" laminated glass as well, and is interior glazed. Trulite's 351 Impact Resistant entrances are easily integrated into these systems. Trulite has the unique ability to produce and furnish the complete impact resistant system and glazing, which is an added convenience for the building team. The design of these systems has become the standard for storefront systems in high velocity hurricane zones.