Specialty Glass Products

Digitally Printed Glass

Digital printing on glass is new technology used to print imagery, patterns, logos, or text to the surface of flat glass. This allows for new possibilities in architecture and interior design as decorative glass provides high levels of customization, translucency, and light diffusion to enhance any design.

Trulite is enthusiastic to add TruDeco Digital Printed Glass to our wide range of product offerings. The new innovative technology can be utilized on fully fabricated Monolithic, Laminated, or Insulated Glass units in an interior or exterior application. Any design or vision will be printed directly onto the glass prior to tempering to create a permanent bond to the glass. We are able to offer a vast range of vibrant colors including metallic. We are willing to assist you on any size project. Trulite is now able to turn your vision into a reality, while offering multiple products needed for your project.


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