Decorative Laminated Glass


Decorative laminated glass by Trulite, Sumiglass, is manufactured by encapsulating a variety of materials between two or more layers of adhesive and two or more panes of glass. Using a proprietary technology and dedicated equipment insures a permanent bond.

The decorative interlayer consists of many different materials including printed films, rice paper, fabrics, wood, fiber tones, weaves, metallic and holographic films and aluminum. Applications are recommended for interior use only. Trulite welcomes the opportunity to laminate customer supplied or specified materials with its Sumiglass process. Please contact us for testing of these materials to insure compatibility with our process and your application.

Trulite offers 15 standard patterns. Custom design materials and colors can also be produced. With the near limitless combinations available using Vanceva PVB interlayers your imagination is your only limitation. Whether creating logos for corporate identity, privacy shading or merely decorating for aesthetic purposes, our printed and laminated patterns offer the design versatility you are looking for.